Frequently Asked Question

We address concerns of individuals and families who see the value of working with a professional financial planner and CFP® to navigate them to a healthy financial destination.  

What is the advantage of working with a Certified Financial Planner professional?

What do you mean by Comprehensive Financial Planning?

What is the methodology of personal financial planning? How do you do it?

Do I have some flexibility in my planning?

What are the options to pay for this service?

Do you have "Fiduciary" responsibility with your clients?

There are so many types of investments. What should I do?

Can you explain this to me?

Is it appropriate to invest in mutual funds?

What plans do I need to make for retirement?

How much money am I going to need?

When should I retire?

How am I going to manage these funds? What are the pros and cons?

What type of retirement plans are available for me?

When should I take social security? Are the benefits taxed?

Which investments should I use first? Last?

How do you protect me from being a victim of a Ponzi scheme?

What is the rule of 72?

What kind of risks am I taking without insurance? How will age affect these risks?

Is my family sufficiently protected?  Am I protected?

Will it be okay if I  assume some risks?

How can I possibly pay for long term care? Is there a way?

Can I borrow from my life insurance policy?

I want to leave as much money to my charity as possible. How do I do it?

Does my will and trust follow my wishes?

What will happen to my business when I die?

I have planned all my life. What have I not thought of?

What's the best way to leave something for my grandchildren?