My Qualifications


I have a PASSION for Financial Security and Wealth Management. I have developed this attitude from my parents, my education, and experience.  I have taken care of my family during the volatility of the post Vietnam era, prosperity, and into today's financial and political confusion. Where possible, I want my clients to have money when they need it. Careful planning can carry the day.

I have used both my engineering and business degrees to produce a meaningfull and comfortable career that has carried me through periods of unemployment and recession.  All three of my sons have Masters Degrees from UT Austin. My wife has a Doctorate Degree in Medical Anthropology from UT Houston.  I know how to communicate with people and make things happen.

I have been aboard a US Navy Icebreaker as a navigator in the arctic and antarctic. I have been a construction manager on some of the major iconic structures in Houston. I have helped individuals, families, and building owners secure their futures.  I love to BRAINSTORM.

I am looking for individuals and business owners of all ages and incomes who desire financial security.  

       MY OFFER OF VALUE IS an intial complementary DISCOVERY MEETING.  713 927 5818


COLUMBIA COLLEGE-In the City of New York. BA Engineering Sciences

NORTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY-Boston Mass-Masters Business Administration