Our Services

Basically the needs of an individual, a family, and a business are similar.  Only the magnitude and complexity differ. This is what we must uncover together.  The products are the tools used over time. I charge you no fees for this service.  I only make money if you decide one of our tools solves your purpose.

Many of my clients are impressed with the creativity of the Insurance industry. I am impressed also. Arithmetic and mathematics never change, only put to use for need. These products can be looked at as an investment, not only as an expense.

How would you like a product that could protect your family if you died, send your children to college, and provide for retirement.  And also could be used for Long Term Care.  Let me show you what it is.  I am excited.

The life of a business must be protected if something happens to the owner or a key employee. The business, which grew over time, needs to be sold or inherited. The faithful, valuable employees, need to have benefits. We can do this.

The family must be protected from all contingencies. Investments must be made. Assets accumulated.

Taxes must always be considered, and when to pay them.

For more information about our firm and the services we offer, send me a quick email or call the office. I would welcome the opportunity to speak with you.

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